Service Day & Frequency
Weekly routine service days are based on the pool’s geographical location in relation to the company’s existing routes. Changes to the weekly service day are uncommon but may occur on an as-needed basis to better serve our customers and will be communicated in advance.Customers may change the level of weekly routine pool service received by contacting the office with the request, and the change will be made effective the 1st day of the subsequent month, unless otherwise approved by the owner. Routine pool service will be provided each week of the year (unless otherwise communicated) but billing will be generated monthly and is based on a 48-week year. If the service day falls on a holiday, service may either A) be provided on an alternative weekday or B) be provided at a different service level than normal, at the company’s discretion. The company is closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and no service or repairs will be performed during this period. If we are unable to perform weekly service due to a circumstance on the property outside of our control, service may be forfeited for the week and monthly billing will not be affected.

Billing – Billing is typically sent out by the 25th of each month and is due on the 10th of the subsequent month. Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, ACH or credit card. Fees incurred for any returned checks will be passed onto the customer. Accounts with past-due unpaid balances may be subject to a $10.00 late fee and/or an interruption/hold in weekly service until payment is received and the account is current. One-Time Repairs/Equipment Installations: Bills for one-time repairs/equipment installations may be billed separately from routine service, and may be due immediately upon completion of work, at the company’s discretion. Accepted payment methods for one-time repairs/equipment installations that exceed $1,999.99 are cash or check only unless otherwise stated or previously agreed upon in email correspondence or pool installation contract.

Chemicals- Chemicals included in weekly service are those required to keep the pool balanced and sanitized per industry standards, and are as follows: chlorine (liquid, tabs and granular), muriatic acid, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, and clarifier. The allotted amount of liquid chlorine included in the base cost for routine service is up to 2 cases (8 gallons) of liquid chlorine per month, unless otherwise quoted. Additional consumption of liquid chlorine needed due to excessively high chlorine demand will result in additional charges of the going rate per gallon of liquid chlorine. Specialty chemicals needed will be a separate charge outside the scope of normal service maintenance and include but are not limited to algaecides, phosphate removers, sequestrients, conditioner, etc. Administration of specialty chemicals is based on the visual and chemical information of the pool, and the pool’s history, and is at the discretion of Pristine Pools, Inc.

Additional Debris Removal Service
This service is available to Basic and Basic-Plus service customers who request this service be performed. This service is billed at $3.00 per man-minute spent removing debris, and is outside the scope of the routine service level. Premium service customers will receive this service automatically, so to receive consistent service results despite recent weather patterns.

Non-Routine Service Call/Trip Charge
Non-routine service calls have a charge of $150 for the first hour of work. An additional $150 per hour afterwards will be applied depending on the nature of the call. Special requests outside of the weekly routine service visit may be subject to a $95 trip charge to compensate for gas, time and labor of alternate technician.

Filter Cleanings
This service is offered outside the scope of routine service and is a separate charge, priced as follows: Cartridge Filters-$150, Sand Filters-$100, D.E. Grid Filters-$175 (includes D.E.), and Spa Cartridge Filters-$50. unless otherwise quoted.

Filter cleanings are performed on the homeowner’s property and occur approximately every six months, however the frequency of cleanings may increase due to having an under-sized filter or recurring outbreaks of algae/phosphate removal treatments. Filter cleanings are scheduled based on the professional judgment and at the discretion of Pristine Pools, Inc. Company-performed filter cleanings are not optional and are a condition of service for new customers unless otherwise agreed to.

Vacuum Services
These services are offered outside the scope of routine service and are available upon request. The cost to vacuum to the customer’s filter is $150. The cost to use our portable vacuum unit and vacuum directly to our filter, bypassing the customer’s filter, is $200.

Heater Services
Work performed on the heater is a separate charge outside of routine service and the cost of this service depends on the nature of the work required. The cost for troubleshooting the heater to diagnose the issue and recommended solution is $150 per hour (1-hour minimum charged). Heater service will not be performed unless requested by the customer regardless if the heater is operational or not.

Solar Systems
The cost for solar system-related services, such as system start-up and shut-down services, is $150 per service performed and is outside the scope of weekly routine service. Services pertaining to solar systems are limited to “ground work” only; we do not perform services requiring us to climb a ladder or climb on to the roof.

Salt Chlorinators
Necessary maintenance performed on salt chlorinators to ensure salt cell life and functionality is an additional charge outside the scope of routine service. There will be a charge of $125 for us to summarize salt systems including proper salinity testing, adjusting, and programming, as every pool is different. Additional salt is extra and is billed at $14.95 + tax per 40lb. bag needed. This service includes an acid bath to the electrolytic cell to remove calcium/scale deposits from the cell blades. If it is determined that further diagnosis, additional repairs and/or replacement part(s) are necessary, a subsequent visit by a Repair Technician will be scheduled and billed separately.

UV Sanitation Systems
Necessary maintenance performed on UV sanitation systems to ensure functionality and to extend the useful life of the lamp is an additional charge outside the scope of routine service. There will be a semi-annual service required costing $150 per visit for this routine maintenance that entails disassembling the unit, cleaning the inner chambers of scale and oil buildup, and performing a leak test to ensure no leaks on the quartz chamber.

Pool Orientation
This service is offered to all customers who want to learn all there is to know about how their specific pool, pool equipment, hydraulics, plumbing and electrical works together. The cost is $150 (per hour) for this one hour consultation.

Minor Service Repairs
Minor service related repairs that are necessary to keep your pool operating safely and efficiently will automatically be performed by a service technician and added to your bill unless otherwise requested. All other repairs over $150.00 will require prior authorization from the customer. We do not perform any work on robotic pool cleaners.

Repair Warranties
Major repairs (which are considered plumbing lines, plumbing appliances and fixtures) performed by Pristine Pools, Inc., are warranted against defects in workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of completion, unless otherwise stated. Pristine Pools, Inc. is not responsible for any consequential damages resulting from major repairs performed and/or issues that may arise due to existing, aged equipment or brittle plumbing. Minor repairs, such as the general scope of soft plumbing, various water plumbing connections and minor pool cleaner repairs, that consist of plastic materials subject to sunlight and water exposure are considered temporary with a maximum of a thirty (30) day guarantee.

Customer’s Responsibilities

Pool Water Level
The customer is responsible for maintaining the proper water level in the pool, including adding water when needed and draining the pool during the stormy seasons. If the water level is low on service day, the equipment may be turned off and customer will be notified to add water to the pool. Failure to maintain a proper water level may result in serious damage to the pool equipment and algae growth.

Gates and Backyard Access
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all gates are operating properly, and are unlocked and accessible on the day of service. If backyard access is not permitted or is obstructed, thus compromising safety, on the service day, service for that week may either A) be rescheduled to a different time or day in the week or B) be postponed until the following week’s service date, at the company’s discretion depending on service technician availability. Pristine Pools, Inc. assumes no responsibility for maintaining fencing or gates at customer’s property.

Service technicians will perform weekly service regardless if there are dog(s) or other animals in the backyard, except in instances where safety concerns arise. If this happens, the customer will be notified and customer will assume responsibility to contain dog(s) or animals if requested. The responsibility of any unprovoked bites sustained by service technicians is the customer’s. Should such a bite occur, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the company with up-to-date vaccination records for the animal if requested by the company. Customers are responsible for containing dog(s) or animals if they are known to be aggressive, or if the homeowner would like to avoid the risk of an escape. Our company policy dictates that gates shall be closed immediately upon entering or exiting the back yard, and we do our best to prevent animals from escaping. However, due to the sometimes unpredictable behavior of animals, Pristine Pools, Inc. is not responsible for animals who escape during a service or repair visit. Service technicians often carry dog treats for the dogs on their route; if a customer wishes for their dog(s) not to be fed treats commonly sold at pet stores and/or grocery stores, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify the company to that effect.

Pool Covers
Pristine Pools, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any pool covers. Proper pool maintenance requires pool covers to be removed at least 2 days per week to allow the water to breathe and gas off from the chemical reactions taken place. Failure to do so can cause algae outbreaks. It is recommended that customers remove pool covers on their routine service day. If covers are present, the service technician will perform service around the cover to the best of their ability. Automatic pool covers, if found closed, will be opened to allow for service and then left in the position in which they were found, unless otherwise requested by the homeowner. If excessive water is present on an automatic cover, thereby disallowing the cover to function properly, cover will not be removed to avoid damaging the cover. Solar bubble covers will not be removed by technicians due to liability stemming from risk of property damage and/or risk of drowning during removal and reinstallation should technician fall in pool.

Diving Boards & Slides
Pristine Pools, Inc. is not responsible for verifying or maintaining the structural integrity, condition, or safety of any diving apparatus and assumes no responsibility for any incident involving their use. Liability lies solely with the homeowner for the maintenance and use of such devices.

Contaminated Water
Pristine Pools, Inc. will not be held responsible for any sudden outbursts of algae blooms, phosphates, and cloudy water due to inadequate pump run-times, hydraulic and circulation deficiencies from pool construction, a suspension in weekly routine service due to non-payment of account, old/saturated pool water that requires the pool be drained and refilled with fresh potable water, or unexpected natural occurrences such as heat waves, heavy rain falls, storms, and any other foreign materials introduced into the pool between service days. Pristine Pools, Inc. will not be held liable or responsible for the chemical make-up of source water or water chemistry readings outside the parameters of industry standards that are directly or indirectly affected by outside circumstances beyond our control, such as the CA drought or leeching of plaster material.

Pool Finishes
Under the terms of this agreement, Pristine Pools, Inc. will not be held responsible for any staining of plaster. Since plaster is composed of natural materials, a certain amount of shading, staining and color variation is to be expected. Different forms of staining do occur in all pools and with proper chemistry, can be held to a minimum.

Drain Cover Safety
The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (“VGBA”) requires safety drain covers for pools and spas to conform to certain specifications. Compliance with the VGBA drain cover requirements is enforced by certain local public agencies. Under no circumstances shall Pristine Pools, Inc. be held liable for customer’s noncompliance with the VGBA safety drain cover requirements, or any resulting personal injury, death or property damage from noncompliance with the VGBA. Customer is encouraged to contact the applicable local agency responsible for enforcement of the VGBA to determine if all drain covers are in compliance. An agreement to provide routine services or execution of any equipment contracts shall not be construed to impose any liability on the part of Pristine Pools, Inc. for the customer’s compliance with the VGBA. Compliance with the VGBA is the customer’s sole responsibility.

GFI Protected Lights
The National Electric Code (NEC) requires all lighting circuits and branch circuits that are tied to fixed equipment consisting of an electric motor to be GFI protected on swimming pools. Although this falls under the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure compliance, we are available as a resource to assess and assist in finding solutions to ensure code compliance. Pristine Pools, Inc. is released of all responsibility and liability if homeowner is not NEC code compliant and/or does not choose to comply with NEC code requirements.

Pricing is the Base Cost and is subject to an increase depending on volume of water, size/design of pool, surrounding landscape and geographical location.

Either party can cancel the weekly pool service agreement at any time. These terms are subject to change at any time with or without notice. All outstanding balances are due immediately upon cancellation.

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Our routine pool service footprint covers the areas of Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin, while our pool equipment repair services extends out to East Danville & Alamo.